You know you like Pokemon too much when...

"...you insist upon wearing a "offical" Pokémon League hat."
"...you've set up a clubhouse on a hill that you stock Pokédex's and those cute little Pokéballs that have Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle in them, calling yourself the Pokémon Prof."
"...the cookies in your ad browsers always have something to with Pokémon."
"...all of your bookmarks have something to do with Pokémon."
"...you call your dog Growly and think it knows Flamethrower."
"...you call animals by their corresponding Pokémon names (ex. Cat = Meowth, Dog = Growlithe, etc.)"
"...you think people that don't like Pokémon are weird."
-The Strategist

20. You send hate mail to Viz Comics for stopping the magna
19. You dream about Pokemon
18. You beg 4Kids to create a new character and let you voice it, although they don't come up with that.
17. You make your mom make you that Pikachu of eggs (from the Pokemon Cereal comercial) every morning
16. You write shoddy fanfics just to gain popularity in the Pokemon world
15. You buy all the power bouncers just to break them open and use the figurine inside
14. You write "You know you like Pokemon too much if..." lists...o_O;;
13. You READ "You know you like Pokemon too much if..." lists...o_O;;
12. Your wall is covered by posters showing all the pokemon in numerical order, although you know it by heart
11. You own all 5 Game Boy Pokemon games
10. You bought a Game Boy Color just to play these games
9. You collect those Flipz cards...
8. You promise yourself you will never get rid of your cards, even all your quintuplets of Magikarp...
7. You bought Super Smash Bros...
6. You went to the movie 17 times and was always shocked when Ash "died"
5. You saved all your birthday money to bring all your friends to Pokemon the Movie 2000
4. You draw different Pokemon in the middle of classes
3. You talk about it all the time.....(I'm sick of people who do that)
2. You will NOT watch another anime ever, because you believe it is disloyal
And 1. You create a site that includes a general Pokemon site, shrines to your favorite pokemon and/or characters (even those you hate)

...you suddenly say," Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light! And then jump out a window.

-You find yourself eagerly swapping game tips with 6 year old boys.
-You see a little kid walking down the street in a Pikachu shirt and wonder if it comes in your size.
-You search through the phonebook for the number of the Pokemon League contestants' cottages so that you may make reservations.
-When you don't find it, you refuse to stay anywhere else for vacation.
-When you get a cut, you ask your mom to bring you a bottle of Superpotion.
-When your family goes whale watching, you decide to go Slowbro watching instead.
-When people ask where you bought the great scent you are wearing, you tell them that you got it for a great price in Celadon City.
-You tape paper teardrops to a bell and go around shoving it in peoples' faces, asking them if they get the joke.
-You are in high school, and you shamelessly wear your Charizard socks to school every day.
-It takes you an hour every morning to fit the tiny things on your feet.
-Whenever you hear the word 'pocket', you are compelled to follow up with 'monster'.
-You will only eat at Japanese restaurants, thinking that it will be a great opportunity to talk to the waiters and waitresses about Pokemon.
-You have sleeping trouble and search everywhere for a Hypno to cure you.
-You capture caterpillars and butterflies around your house, then show them around, telling people what a great Bug Pokemon expert you are.
-You accidentally write 'Butterfree' instead of 'Butterfly' on your biology report.
-Your teacher is so used to your Pokemon obsession that he figures out what you really meant and lets it slide.
-You go to Sea World figuring that Misty, her sisters, and their Pokemon must be doing a show or two there.
-When your parents scold you for staying out past curfew, you calmly explain to them that you are just like Pikachu, who does not like to go in its Pokeball, so it is only natural that you would not like to go into your house.
-You want to be a shephard just so you can have lots of sheep like Mereep.
-You don't spend much time on your homework-Training for the Pokemon league is far more important.

1. You buy Jigglypuff's Pen of Death
2. You actually know a store that you can buy Jigglypuff's Pen of Death from
3. You stick a leaf in your head and pretend you're a new Pokemon from the Gold/Silver Version
4. After beating the Elite Four 1,000,000,000 times, Professor Oak tells you to get a life.
5. You think that stores need to sell more Arbok items (Sorry...)
6. You register as Pokedex Number 252
7. You know where you can register as Pokedex Number 252
8. You're reading this e-mail (o_O)
9. You post your own Pokemon impressions on the Internet (This'll get me Leto's Mallet of Death...)
10. You have a Mallet of Death named after you
11. When you get hungry, you think of every Pokemon that is related to food.
12. You grab a tree branch and run around your backyard yelling "Farfetch'd! Farfetch'd!"
13. You hate a certain species of Pokemon so much, every time it appears on the show, you throw something at the television in the hopes of it crashing through the screen and badly damaging the Pokemon in some way.
14. Every time you contract a cold, you sneeze and it sounds like a Pikachu.
14. You're sooooo into Pokemon that you don't even notice me putting 2 14's on this e-mail
15. You're the author of this e-mail (o_O)
16. You like Arbok
17. You make a Pokemon website

...your no longer your pet's owner your its TRAINER.
...you start saying that things are "so romantic!"
...you swear off perfume in honor of Ash.
...you call your local radio station to request the Poke-Rap.

...you glue a coin to your cat's forehead and try to teach it Pay Day.
...your weapon of choice is a mallet or saucepan.
...you throw tennis balls at every animal you see in the hope of 'capturing' it.

...You write one of these!!!

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